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Creating Tasks

Working on a larger dataset can be a lot of work. The task system aims to break these large tasks into smaller tasks and create a workflow to get these large jobs completed. The task system is build to accomodate assigning workers to different images and roles. Each role has customised toolset to assist, resulting

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Using the Task System

The Task System is is used to pipeline data from its initial raw form into a final labelled dataset. It has 3 stages: Annotate, Review, Verify. These stages are used to ensure only high quality data enters the final dataset while allowing managers to verify progress and quality as work is completed. Prerequisite: Task’s for

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Adding Members To A Project

This tutorial will step through the steps to add people to your project.Prerequisites. Create a project For help click [here], Note: you must be the project owner Team members have created and authenticated an account Team members associated email addresses Adding Team Members Before you can add people to your project they must first be

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Creating a Project

Setting up a project is the first step towards building your model. To ensure a consistent and quality dataset this step is essential. To start click the “+” icon in the top right of the LabelEngine’s home page. Fill in the details in the popup form Project Name: A name to best describe the projectAWS

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Annotation Tips and Tricks

This tutorial aims to act as a guide to show all the simple and advanced tools the LabelEngine offers. Table of Contents Keyboard Shortcuts Overview Start/Select a polygon Click Start or select a new polygon Start/End a polygon Spacebar Start or end a new polygon Zoom Scroll Wheel Zoom in or out at the mouse

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Getting Started Annotating

The MaxusAI Label Engine is a powerful annotation tool. This tutorial will give you a basic understanding of the tool’s interface and start your first annotation. Before you start: Ensure you have a MaxusAI account and authenticate your email. Start The Annotator To start the tool first log in to the LabelEngine. After Logging in

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