Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Agile AI for Visual Inspection

Analyse images and video data with Artificial Intelligence to unlock efficiencies and competitive advantage. 

Impact in days or weeks. Not months.   

MaxusAI is a hybrid Artificial Intelligence  (AI) consultancy and technology platform that facilitates rapid and agile experiment in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for innovative organisations. 


Our team leverages your subject mater experts to teach the AI to classify and label images ready for action.


We focus on the best opportunities for your organisation for impact. We move quickly and then scale after validation.


You maintain Data and Intellectual Property ownership. The MaxusAI platform give complete visibility of any automated processes.

A Unique Proven Approach

MaxusAI applies new thinking to AI and digital transformation. Rather than risky, time-consuming and expensive AI strategies, MaxusAI believes that you should see the value of AI in days or weeks rather than months or years. 

MaxusAI runs continuous agile AI projects with your team. As each project shows results, they build to your overall AI strategy.

MaxusAI Solution

MaxusAI consulting is driven by ground-breaking technology. MaxusAI LabelEngine uses Computer Vision to analyse and label your images and videos. The easy-to-use intuitive design makes it accessible across your entire organisation. 

You can now leverage this data to drive efficiency and profitability within your organisation.

MaxusAI For Your Industry

There are so many opportunities for MaxusAI to help your organisation. Reduce time wasted in manual visual inspections and put your experts back in the field

Local Government

Defects in images of rooftops saving time on manual inspections.


Defects and corrosion of structures improving Asset Management


Identification of fish species putting Marine Biologists back in the field.

See MaxusAI in Action

See how MaxusAI drives business results with innovative organisations.  From project design to agile experimentation and testing programs, MaxusAI is your end-to-end partner for automation via AI.   

Register for your customised MaxusAI LabelEngine demonstration now. 

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